Advanced Options

This page lists all of the TubePress options that many users will not need to adjust.

Option name debugging_enabled
Description Enables or disables TubePress debugging. Keeping this enabled is a slight privacy risk, so if you are not experiencing difficulty with TubePress then feel free to disable it.
Default value true
Valid values true or false
Example shortcode
[tubepress debugging_enabled="false"]
Example in PHP
<?php TubePressPro::getHTML('debugging_enabled="false"');
Option name galleryId
Description Explicitly set the unique identifier of this HTML element. By default, TubePress will assign a large random number to each bit of HTML that it produces. This allows TubePress to differentiate and coordinate between multiple elements on the same page. By setting this option, you can choose a constant ID so that you can refer to the element via JavaScript.
Default value empty
Valid values Any string, though a large positive integer is recommended.
Example shortcode
[tubepress galleryId="123456"]
Example in PHP
<?php TubePressPro::getHTML('galleryId="123456"');
Option name httpMethod
Description Defines the HTTP method to use for most Ajax operations that TubePress performs. This can be useful to change when TubePress is used in web servers with tight security requirements.
Default value GET
Valid values GET or POST (case sensitive)
Example shortcode
[tubepress httpMethod="POST"]
Example in PHP
<?php TubePressPro::getHTML('httpMethod="POST"');
Option name https
Description Serve thumbnails and embedded video player over a secure connection. This is useful if you are running TubePress inside an HTTPS-only site.
Default value false
Valid values true or false
Example shortcode
[tubepress https="true"]
Example in PHP
<?php TubePressPro::getHTML('https="true"');
Option name output
Description Defines what HTML TubePress will generate (e.g. a video gallery, a single video embed, interactive search widgets, etc). Unless explicitly defined, TubePress will generate a video gallery.
Default value empty
Valid values
  • searchInput User input (text field and search button) for interactive searching
  • searchOutput Search results from interactive searching
  • player A single embedded video (player only)
  • ajaxSearchInput User input (text field and search button) for asynchronous interactive searching
Example shortcode
[tubepress output="ajaxSearchInput"]
Example in PHP
<?php TubePressPro::getHTML('output="ajaxSearchInput"');

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