Interactive Search Options

This page lists all of the TubePress options that apply to interactive search.

Option name searchProvider
Description The name of a video provider (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo) which should be searched for matching videos.
Default value empty
Valid values dailymotion, youtube, or vimeo
Example shortcode
[tubepress searchProvider="vimeo"]
Example in PHP
<?php TubePressPro::getHTML('searchProvider="vimeo"');
Option name searchResultsDomId
Description Used with output="ajaxSearchInput", this option defines a jQuery selector for which TubePress should place the search results.
Default value empty
Valid values Any jQuery selector which identifies exactly one element on the page than can accept HTML.
Example shortcode
[tubepress searchResultsDomId="#foobar"]
Example in PHP
<?php TubePressPro::getHTML('searchResultsDomId="#foobar"');
Option name searchResultsOnly
Description If set to true, TubePress will output search results only after the user has submitted search terms. It will be "invisible" if the user has not submitted search terms.
Default value false
Valid values true or false
Example shortcode
[tubepress searchResultsOnly="true"]
Example in PHP
<?php TubePressPro::getHTML('searchResultsOnly="true"');
Option name searchResultsUrl
Description A URL defining where TubePress should send the user's search terms.
Default value $_SERVER[PHP_SELF] (i.e. the same page)
Valid values Any absolute URL where TubePress is loaded.
Example shortcode
[tubepress searchResultsUrl=""]
Example in PHP
<?php TubePressPro::getHTML('searchResultsUrl=""');

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