The System Cache

How and when to clear TubePress's "system cache".

TubePress is a fairly complex piece of software with many interconnected internal systems. When it is first installed to your web server, it "looks around" to discover what's available to it and how it should configure itself for your particular environment. This usually takes a few hundred milliseconds on most servers. On the web, that's a very long time and your users will feel the delay. So to keep your site running as fast as possible, TubePress performs this initial setup once and caches its findings on your web server's filesystem. On the next request, TubePress quickly reads its cached findings. This usually takes anywhere from 5 milliseconds to a few dozen milliseconds: dramatically faster and virtually negligible for most websites.

When to Clear the System Cache

There are a few relatively rare instances when the system cache needs to be manually cleared.

  • Adding or removing a TubePress add-on
  • Adding, editing, or removing a theme's template
  • Making any changes to a theme's manifest

Other than the events listed above, there is no reason to clear the system cache.

How to Clear the System Cache

Clearing the cache is very easy. Simply add tubepress_clear_system_cache=true to the end of the URL in your address bar. TubePress will delete the entire system cache and immediately rebuild it. Feel free to use our tool below to calculate this URL for you.

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