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Auto Posts

Jul 06, 2017 05:39AM PDT
On auto post is is possible to manage the post/pages that are created? As an example if I create a page that calls a YouTube playlist, if I remove that page or videos are removed from the Playlist (at YouTube) will the auto created posts be removed?

Is there a way to "refresh" the posts generated by auto post? - this page:

I turned on Auto post and everything worked fine, but then later
I made some list changes,
turned off auto post then deleted all the generated auto posts
turn auto post back on (hoping to regenerate the auto posts) but the error "No Matching Videos" comes up.
If I turn auto Post off - videos appear again

If it helps any I'd be happy to give you access to wp-admin, just let me know what email?

I hope these questions makes sense?
Elisabeth T.  STAFF
Jul 06, 2017 01:33PM PDT


Thanks for contacting us. We’ll be happy to assist.

>if I remove that page or videos are removed from the Playlist (at YouTube) will the auto created posts be removed?

> Is there a way to “refresh” the posts generated by auto post?

Unfortunately this is not possible, at least not currently. With the current implementation, TubePress doesn’t touch the pages/posts after they are created; you’ll have to manually edit/delete the posts as you see fit. Our rationale for this is that it would be difficult for TubePress to automate your desired changes. For instance, if you remove a video from a playlist, that video likely continues to exist and TubePress has no way of knowing if it should be deleted entirely from your site. Even updating a video’s post could be dangerous as we don’t want to overwrite any changes that might have been made to the post. If we get a lot of customers asking for this capability, we will certainly do our best to provide functionality, but at the moment I’m afraid you’ll have to make your changes manually.

Regarding the “No matching videos” error, it looks like the posts that Auto Post created are still in the Trash but not fully deleted. Since the posts technically still exist and aren’t publicly visible, TubePress removes them from your gallery and thus we end up with zero videos to display. If you empty the Trash to delete the posts fully, you should be back in business.

If you are still running into trouble, feel free to send your login details via private email here 1.



John Earl
Jul 06, 2017 02:54PM PDT
Thanks that all makes sense!

The trash, how could I forget that! That was exactly the problem, empty the trash the videos appear, thanks!

Now one more issue
(I think this might be the way things are supposed to work)

This page:

Displays the videos but no player at the top ( 'normally' at the top of your gallery' setting).

If I turn off 'auto post' the Player appears at the top.

Is there a way to have the Player at the top of gallery and the 'auto post' for permalinks?


Elisabeth T.  STAFF
Jul 06, 2017 03:23PM PDT

As you suspected, this is the expected behavior of Auto Post 1. Auto Post links each thumbnail in a gallery to its post/page in your site, so there’s no logical connection to the embedded video player and the thumbnails when Auto Post is enabled. You can enable/disable Auto Post on a per-gallery basis using shortcodes 2, i.e. [tubepress wpAutoPostEnable=“true”]. Please let us know if we can offer further guidance.



John Earl
Jul 07, 2017 12:48PM PDT
I haven't dug into the PHP standalone code yet. Is there a way to generate permalinks to videos?

The way the default embed display is setup is perfect for our site. Player on top and smaller thumbnail grid below. We'd like use that same layout but somehow get permalinks in the deal.

Thanks for your help!

Elisabeth T.  STAFF
Jul 07, 2017 12:49PM PDT

Auto Post will create permalinks for each video in a TubePress gallery, but at the moment you can’t enable Auto Post for a gallery AND display the embedded video player above the thumbnails. Does that answer your question?

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