Add-On: QuickPlay

This TubePress add-on replaces video thumbnail images with fully-functional embedded video players. Among other things, this allows your users to watch your videos right within the context of your gallery.




This article applies to TubePress when used in standalone PHP. WordPress users should refer to this article instead.


This add-on is pre-installed at no cost for TubePress Express users (including Jimdo and 1&1) and Wix users; you only need to purchase and install the add-on if you are using TubePress as a WordPress plugin or in standalone PHP.


  1. Purchase and download this add-on from the TubePress Marketplace.

  2. Unzip the file you downloaded ( into the add-ons subdirectory of your TubePress Content Directory (tubepress-content/add-ons).

    You should now have a directory at tubepress-content/add-ons/quickplay_x_y_z (where x, y, and z are the major, minor, and micro version numbers of the add-on.

  3. Copy (or symlink) the directory at tubepress-content/add-ons/quickplay_x_y_z/tubepress-theme to tubepress-content/themes/quickplay

  4. Clear the TubePress system cache once so TubePress discovers the add-on and theme.

Basic Usage

Anytime you add TubePress to a PHP page, set the options enableQuickplay="true" and theme="tubepress/quickplay". e.g.



print TubePressPro::getHTML('enableQuickplay="true" theme="tubepress/quickplay"');


Controlling Height and Width of the Embeds

To control the height and width of the embedded video players, you can simply use the embeddedHeight and embeddedWidth options. thumbHeight and thumbWidth are ignored when this add-on is in use.

Show the Latest Video from a Collection

A common question we get from users is:

How can I have an embedded video player that automatically shows the latest video from my YouTube or Vimeo channel?

With QuickPlay, this is easy to do for any collection of videos. The trick is to set resultCountCap="1" and orderBy="newest". For instance, say that you’d like to show the latest video from YouTube user engineerguyvideo. The following invocation would achieve this:



print TubePressPro::getHTML('mode="user" userValue="engineerguyvideo" resultCountCap="1" orderBy="newest" enableQuickplay="true" theme="tubepress/quickplay" embeddedWidth="480" embeddedHeight="270"');


The result is an always-updating, fully customizable single video embed that you can embed anywhere on your site.

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